Antelope Canyon

In April 2006 we took a road trip through Utah to Las Vegas and back via Lake Powell. The best part of the trip was a single hour in Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon album

Upper Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo Nation, you are only allowed in with a tour guide. Several tour companies leave Page, Arizona throughout the day or you can drive out to the on-site company, Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours. Either way, you are escorted from the parking area down a washboard road to the canyon entrance.

You walk in to a rocky hillside and the temperature drops, the light dims and the boisterous tour group takes on a quiet reverence. Once your eyes adjust there is color everywhere. Bright gold. Every shade of copper – a new penny to deep, tarnished grays. Ripples of soft purple. Look up and you’ll see flashes of bright blue sky but beware of fine sand sifting in to your eyes through the cracks in the earth.

Our tour guide was the best! She mentioned she’d been a teacher for over twenty years and she sure knew how to work her ‘class’. She juggled a fascinating lecture, everyone’s questions, pausing for an interpreter to repeat everything in Polish and still managed to spend time with each one of us angling our shoulders for the best camera shots.

We weren’t there at the right time of day to capture the famous shafts of light but were still thrilled with the shots we got. We knew there wasn’t much light in the canyon but decided to relax and enjoy the tour instead of wrestling with tripods. Every shot was hand-held. I love my camera. Have I mentioned that I love my camera? I really love my camera.

If we get out that way again I hope to be brave enough to see Lower Antelope Canyon. While Upper Antelope is ground level with a fairly flat passageway, Lower Antelope involves a maze of steep, steel staircases. Steep steel staircases scare the bejeebers out of me.

There is also a boat trip up the water side of Antelope Canyon where it meets Lake Powell. It’s a nice short trip leaving Wahweap Marina. The walls of this segment of canyon are straighter and steep, the boats give you a nice close view of the play of color in the canyon walls, water and sky.

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