DNA Results!

We’ve always been curious about Misha’s heritage, we even did a Canine Heritage DNA test on her a few years ago but it came back “No tested breeds identified”.  What a disappointment that was!  I always kind of thought we’d try the Wisdom brand of test someday because it tested for more breeds, but it was really expensive and required a blood draw at the vet’s office.  We were really excited to find out they now offer an inexpensive cheek swab test that analyzes for a whopping 185 breeds!

The Wisdom Insights Panel DNA results say Misha’s grandparents were likely (Tah Dah!):
25% Alaskan Malamute, 25% American Bulldog, 12% Whippet with low certainty, and the remainder unknown mixed breed.

Would I have guessed any of that?  No, Malamutes and American Bulldogs are pretty good sized, next to them she’s a petite 60 pounds.  But I always thought a Husky and a Boxer got together somewhere up the line, so another Arctic breed plus a Bully breed – that’s not much of a stretch at all for my imagination.  Whippet simply never occurred to me.  Pluck a few genes from each of those and mix them up together?  Yep!  I can definitely see it.

But those EARS – without a hint of German Shepherd in the mix those ears become a brand new mystery all their own!

Arctic breed mixed with Bully mixed with Sighthound.  No wonder she’s a handful!

Author: Date: Tuesday, 8. March 2011 0:09 Category: Dog Stuff
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