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In honor of National Feral Cat Day and Blog the Change sponsored by Be the Change for Animals I’d like to thank Divine Feline, Rocky Mountain Alley Cat Alliance and the Feline Fix for their help with our little feral cat colony.  Like most cities, Denver has a huge feral cat population.  Feline Fix offers a very inexpensive spay and neuter program for feral, stray and tame cats.  TNR, trap, neuter and release programs are a humane and effective way to manage feral cat populations.

I remember the day Misha found the first kitten.  She wanted to play with it so bad! She fussed and whined and cried and pawed at the chain link.  The next day I spotted another kitten, two more the day after that.  We’d seen Mama Kitty a few times, including the day she trapped Misha in the back yard but didn’t think much of it, there are lots of “outdoor” kitties in our neighborhood.  But now we realized she’d moved in to a rickety old shed in our backyard to have her babies.  I did some research and found a nice woman in our neighborhood association who helped with feral cat issues.    She came by a few days later at dusk to help us trap Mama and her babies.

What an eye-opener that experience was!   I had no idea how many cats there were in our neighborhood, sitting quietly in the back yard for an hour or two at dusk counting cats just isn’t something I ever would have done.  Besides Mama Kitty and her family, we saw a half a dozen raggedy strays, plus a few healthier looking cats that probably had families but were out wandering.

She set up an interesting contraption called a box trap.  Mama and five babies eventually gathered underneath it, nomming on a plate full of extra stinky, extra fishy canned food.  She pulled a string, the trap dropped and we had ourselves a box full of freaked out kitties!

Mama Kitty was spayed and vaccinated through a program organized by RMACA.  In exchange we agreed to let her live out her life in our shed and to provide her with food.  The nice neighbor with the trap offered to foster the kittens until they were big enough to be neutered and find homes.  A couple of weeks later we realized we’d missed a kitten.  We fostered him ourselves, it was quite an experience having him and Misha in the house together!  His story is here.  He was neutered by Divine Feline for a small donation before he went to his new home.

There were two more adult cats, a male and a female. I was able to borrow a trap and take advantage of a visit to our area from Divine Feline’s mobile unit.  So we have a little TNR feral colony of three.  They’ll never be cuddly, tame, indoor kitties – but they will have full tummies and some shelter from the elements. They will keep other cats from moving into their territory.  And most important, they aren’t reproducing any more.  Here’s a quote from the RMACA website:

“Many of the 24,000 cats euthanized in 2009 were litters of  kittens. The only humane way to lower the numbers is through spaying and neutering. An unaltered female cat may become pregnant as early as five months of age, and bear 2-3 litters per year for her entire life. Every cat we spay will prevent as many as 200 more kittens from being born.”

There are two adult female cats, and three of the six kittens were female.  There could be as many as 1000 less homeless, unwanted kittens in this world just because Misha found a kitten.  Good job Misha!

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Author: Date: Saturday, 16. October 2010 11:00 Category: Dog Stuff
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