Fraidy Cat

Yesterday morning I let The Meesh into the back yard to do her business. When I realized she hadn’t come back in for breakfast, I was concerned. My little food hound is usually back inside rooroororoooo-ing at me to hurry up before I can even get the kibble open.

From the side of the house I could see her across the yard. She’s sitting and trembling as bad as she trembled the first time we went to the vet! My heart dropped, OMD, what happened?! I pass the corner of the house and see, not a burglar, not a scary veterinarian, not a big snarling dog. I see – a kitty. A very small kitty. Even all puffed up with it’s hair standing on end, this is one scrawny little scrapper. My sixty pound dog was cornered in her own yard by a kitty.

Author: Date: Wednesday, 23. July 2008 23:48 Category: Dog Stuff
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