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Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday, 22. December 2010 23:31

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Wordless Wednesday!

Wednesday, 8. December 2010 22:14



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Happy National Mutt Day!

Friday, 3. December 2010 0:49

Misha would like to wish everyone a very happy National Mutt Day!

Let me tell y’all the story of her mixed breed DNA test. We get lots of guesses about her ancestry.  We were told that she’s a Labrador/Australian Shepherd mix but I don’t see much of either in her physical appearance or her mannerisms.

When she was a lanky, awkward teenager a lot of people asked if she was a Great Dane mix puppy, so her tongue in cheek designer breed is “Teacup Great Dane”.  An adorable black and tan Chihuahua mix lived next door next door that looked like her mini-me with his great big ears, so for a while she was the “Giant Mutant Chihuahua”.  She looks very deer-like when she jumps – Mule deer mix?

Guesses always include German Shepherd because of her coloring and big ‘ol ears.  Our current vet believes she’s German Shepherd/Sharpei.  My guess is German Shepherd, Husky and Boxer.  German Shepherd for her markings and her ears.  Boxer for her square nose, deep chest, short body and long legs.  And ‘cuz she boxes just like her Boxer friend Pixel when she plays.  Husky for her mis-matched eyes, pretty eyeliner and hint of a mask, and one vet’s opinion that her scrawny little whip tail would curl up if it hadn’t been broken when she was a pup.  But guesses are just guesses and they are all made with a sense of humor.  It wouldn’t change anything to know, but that doesn’t stop us from being very curious.

So I was pretty excited when I heard that there were companies testing mixed breed dogs to give you some insight into their ancestry, and that we could do it with a cheek swab.  (It seemed mean to put a dog that was terrified of the vet through a blood draw just to satisfy our curiosity.)  The Canine Heritage website was testing for about sixty-five breeds at the time, but their website said they would be adding more breeds “soon”.

I waited and waited for the deadline.  Naturally, it took longer than they thought to update the test.  I waited some more.  Finally, the new test was ready and hubby bought the the test kit for my birthday present.

I read the instructions three times, I wanted to be sure and get a good sample the first time.  I had to rub the inside of her cheek with a bristly little brush, I’m sure it was uncomfortable but she was an absolute angel about it.  I packaged it all up, sent it off, and waited some more.

Finally, the certificate came in the mail.  I was so excited!  And the results were. . .

No tested breeds identified.

Wow.  What a let down.  I was prepared for some bizarre combination that didn’t make any sense, but no results at all?  The swab was good, and all of our best “guesses” were on the breed list.  She’s unusual looking but it’s unlikely that she’s any really rare breed.  Oh well, maybe we’ll try again some day with another company.

Happy Mutt Day to our mystery girl!

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