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Holiday Lights Christmas Cards

Sunday, 29. August 2010 15:28

Lots of images of holiday lights from the Denver area available as cards, stamps, buttons, magnets, pins, mousepads and stickers from Zazzle.  Photos I’ve taken at light displays at Denver Botanic Gardens, Hudson gardens, Denver’s Civic Center and out and about in Denver.  Some of my favorites:

Icicles postcard

Colorful Bubble Lights card
Colorful Bubble Lights

Holiday Lights at Denver's Civic Center postcard
Holiday Lights at Denver’s Civic Center

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I am not a dog.

Monday, 23. August 2010 22:26

We’ve all heard it.  If you promote positive training methods you are constantly accused of anthropomorphism.  Yet the same people that accuse me of humanizing my dog tell me I’m supposed to correct her the way a Mama Dog would.

Ummm, guess what?  I’m human.  I don’t have to act like a Mama Dog to help my dog understand how she needs to behave.  So I’ve invented a new word.  Caninification.  The verb shall be caninify.  I do not humanize my dog.  I will not caninify myself.

In spite of all the rhetoric about humanizing our dogs the simple fact is we expect dogs to behave like humans.  Whenever a dog actually acts like a dog we get all freaked out.  What happens if a dog chews up our stuff, gets in the trash or digs holes in our yard?  If they correct another dog, or worse if they dare to correct a human?  The same way we’re told to correct them because it’s perfectly natural for a dog, right?  They’re punished, banished or, at worst, sentenced to death.

Not only do we demand that they understand a very human concept like respect, we expect them to offer it to us without question even when we are punishing them for behaving like, well, dogs.

In return for their companionship we’ve completely changed their world and not always in good ways.  It’s up to us to teach them how to behave in our world.  I choose to respect my dog for what she is, for the joy her doggy-ness brings to my life.  But I will use my bigger human brain to search out the kindest and gentlest ways to teach her how to survive and thrive in our confusing human world.

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