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Demon Kitten

Sunday, 11. January 2009 23:00

We snatched a feral kitten from one of the stray kitties that hide in our shed and Misha is going absolutely BONKERS. She is terrified of him, yet fascinated. The first couple of days she would not budge from the door to the kitten-room:

Whine. Whinewhinewhine. Whine. CanIseethekittenprettyplease.


CanIseethekitten, canIcanIcanI? Whinewhine YIP whine YIP whinewhinewhine.
Prettyplease I’llbegood letmeseethekitten. Pleeeeeease letmeseethekitten.


Whine. Hoooowwwwl. Whine. CanIseethekittenpleasepleaseprettyplease?

No, you can’t carry the kitten around in your mouth, even though you aren’t going to eat it it. No you can’t paw at the kitten, you will break it. No you CAN NOT clean the litter box for me.  EWWWWW!

I got some of those cute little heart and fishy shaped Whisker Lickins treats.  Feed one to the dog for quietly sitting or laying down next to us while I hold the kitten.  Feed one to the kitten so he thinks doggies mean good things like food.  Great idea, right?  Misha is so good about food, no resource guarding at all.  I’m very proud of her.  The kitten was very brave and snatched them right out from under her nose.  The only problem – the treats gave BOTH of them stinky farts.

Update – Tinky, short for Tinker, short for Little Stinker was fostered until he was old enough to be neutered and he now has the best home ever with Scamp and Scout and Molly!  Mama Kitty is too feral to ever be a pet, but still lives in the shed.  She will NOT be presenting us with any more kittens.

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