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Fraidy Cat

Wednesday, 23. July 2008 23:48

Yesterday morning I let The Meesh into the back yard to do her business. When I realized she hadn’t come back in for breakfast, I was concerned. My little food hound is usually back inside rooroororoooo-ing at me to hurry up before I can even get the kibble open.

From the side of the house I could see her across the yard. She’s sitting and trembling as bad as she trembled the first time we went to the vet! My heart dropped, OMD, what happened?! I pass the corner of the house and see, not a burglar, not a scary veterinarian, not a big snarling dog. I see – a kitty. A very small kitty. Even all puffed up with it’s hair standing on end, this is one scrawny little scrapper. My sixty pound dog was cornered in her own yard by a kitty.

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Canine IQ Test

Wednesday, 23. July 2008 23:14

Recently I found a link to a doggie IQ test. It sounded like fun, I think my girl is very smart when she isn’t too overwhelmed with timid-ness to function. I was positive she’d do REALLY well.

Canine IQ Test

First test – Show your dog a treat, put it on the floor under a cup and see how long it takes them to get to it. Misha pushed the cup all the way across the kitchen before she finally ran in into a cupboard and knocked it over by accident.

Next, you show them another treat and put it under a towel. How long does it take the dog to get the treat out from under the towel?  Misha tried repeatedly to eat the treat through the towel.

Number three is to put the towel over their head and see how long it takes them to get out from under it of it. Misha thought that was a really fun game.  She tossed her head around and chewed on the towel and didn’t even try to get out from under it.

Never mind.  We went for a walk.

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