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A little TOO confident

Monday, 2. June 2008 12:17

So, we were feeling pretty good about how well Misha was doing. While we had been working hard on her reactivity to other dogs, she had been getting less shy with people too. So we decided to go on a field trip. There is a big home improvement store near us that allows dogs inside. We went early so there wouldn’t be a lot of customers yet. The employees were very sweet to her, and they all have dog treats. She was a little shy at first but not nearly as bad as she has been. In fact she was maybe getting a little too friendly – a little pushy about sniffing.

I had been very watchful of people coming up to her, but got to fumbling with my wallet and didn’t realize there was anyone behind us until I heard someone start to giggle. I turned around to see a tall tough looking guy behind us. Why was tough guy giggling? Because my very shy dog had her nose up the leg of his shorts, snuffling his leg.

So now we will be working on people manners a little more. Silly rules like just because there is room for a both a big dog nose and a human leg in walking shorts does not mean you are supposed to stick your nose up there.

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