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Misha’s Sage Advice

Thursday, 21. February 2008 12:22

Introducing Misha’s Sage Advice. She’s a new designer breed dog – Teacup Great Dane. Okay, she’s a hand-me-down mystery mix but we don’t have to tell her that do we? She insists she’s a small-boned Great Dane and who would want to quash a timid dog’s dream? Whatever she is, she’s beautiful – in an unusual way that makes everyone ask “What kind of a dog is THAT?” Usually in a curious tone, once with a sneer, occasionally with a touch of awe. She is truly one of a kind and (I don’t care if it’s a cliche!) she’s my very best friend.


So. One day last March (Has it really been a year?) someone stopped by to ask for a favor. She also ‘just happened’ to be trying to find a home for a dog. She sorted through the three cute, little dogs in her car and pulled a huge, odd-looking, scared, almost-grown-really-still-a-puppy dog from the bottom of the pile. It was trembling – vibrating with fear and confusion, back end low, tail tucked. “It” turned out to be a she – and she really wanted to be anywhere else besides where she was. It was getting dark outside and I really couldn’t get a good look at her, I just got an impression of huge radar ears, big ol’ stubby snout, and spooky eyes.

I tried all the things I thought would get her to respond to me, crouched down to make myself smaller, talked baby talk, held out my hand to be sniffed – but she just wanted to hide behind her person. So finally I gave up, got to visiting with her human and accidentally did the best thing you can with a shy dog – I ignored her. After being ignored for a while she snuck up next to me, stuck that big ol’ smooshy nose right in my hand and stole my heart.

It took me a while to admit I was hooked. I drove my husband nuts for a week while I waffled back and forth. True, I had been thinking about how much I missed sharing the house with a dog. But I wasn’t really sure I was ready for another one. I was reading articles on how to recognize certain personality traits in a dog and even had a list of traits I’d be looking for when I WAS ready. Huh. Nowhere on that list was were any of these words: Timid. Scared. Neurotic. Big.

All the right buzz words were used to tug at my heart, foster, rescue, possibly abused. I convinced myself that this dog NEEDED me! (Or just maybe I needed her.)

And now Misha lives with us.

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