Scooby's Grand Adventure

This is my friend, Scooby Doo, with his blanket and pillow on his couch.
He'll share if you want to watch TV. But it's really his couch.
You can guess that ten days on the road was a big change for this power lounger.

First there were other dogs to meet. Honey greeted us at full speed.

And Bob the cat takes no guff from the dogs.
This huge fellow just showed up at my sister's house one day
and has lived on their porch ever since.

We almost missed this horned toad hiding in the shadows.

Then on to South Padre Island. Walking on the beach with Patti was great!

But this landlubber wasn't so thrilled when he realized that stuff was water
and his feets were gonna get WET!

And this seagull wasn't too happy that we dared to walk on HIS beach.
He told us off royally!

It was a fun trip, but he was sure happy to be home!

Scooby crossed the rainbow bridge many years ago.  
He was my sweet boy.